Dr. Ribas has participated for the second time the Congress of the SMCC (Mexican Society of Hip Surgery) held, this time in the city of Puebla, where he gave 9 lectures on hot topics such as: the latest multi-center studies in prostheses of surface in the young athlete, the experience of 14 years in the mini-invasive periacetal osteotomy for dysplasia, the indications of his miniopen technique for the femoroacetabular shock, when to use the miniopen technique and when to use the simple hip arthroscopy, the prostheses and sport, when short shoot or when long and hip minivandrings for the implantation of prosthesis.

Also add that the recent multi-center study about which Dr. Ribas spoke in one of his lectures that he gave in the city of Puebla during the celebration of said congress, of the surgeons with the largest number of hip interventions in the adult Young (27 centers, 13 countries), shows that the overall survival rate reaches 90% at 22 years.

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