The European Federation of Associations in Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, EFORT, has accredited the ICATME Hip Unit as a reference center for the training of the “Visiting fellows” in modalities such as:

  • Prosthetic Surgery of the Hip and Prosthetic Revision
  • Hip Preservation Surgery
  • Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

The official list of accredited centers can be consulted by clicking here.

The announcement of this program was made earlier this year in the magazine Orthopedics Today.

The first requests for a stay have already been received and soon visiting surgeons will be integrated into the center’s training program for a period of 4 months. Those responsible for the program will be Dr Cardenas, consultant of the Hip Unit and member of the Teaching Commission of the Dexeus University Hospital together with Dr Manel Ribas, head of the Hip Unit.

This initiative is part of the EFORT Foundation to which Dr Enric Cáceres, head of the ICATME Raquis Unit and former president of EFORT, continues to support.

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