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Belonging to a long family saga of doctors that dates back to the nineteenth century, Dr. Manuel Ribas is today an orthopedic surgeon of recognized prestige in our country and throughout the world. Formed at the same Dexeus University Institute more than 25 years ago by his teacher, Professor Dr. José María Vilarrubias has stood out with his own contributions in the field of bone, ligament, meniscus and hip surgery.

In 1985, he launched the Bone Bank of the Dexeus University Institute in Barcelona, one of the oldest and most experienced in Europe.

He performed the first explantation and meniscus transplant on one knee in Spain in 1999.

After his time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester-Minnesota, he introduced femoroacetabular impingement surgery in Spain and developed his own mini-invasive technique, which is now one of the most accepted techniques in Europe and America, and which is known by its own first name.

Together with Professor Vilarrubias, he was a pioneer in the implantation of hip surface prostheses in Spain for young adults. Today one of the surgeons with more experience in this field.

He has participated in more than 300 scientific papers around the world and more than 200 medical publications. He has won several awards in the field of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

He belongs to more than 23 scientific societies in Spain. Among his patients are known elite athletes both Spanish and the rest of Europe.

Director of the Bone Bank and Bone Transplant Unit of the Dexeus University Institute, where more than 1500 interventions have been carried out in this field.

Member of the Lower Extremity and Hip Surgery Unit of the Dexeus University Institute-USP of Barcelona, Spain.

Founding member of the European Association of Tissue Banks.

Member of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) of the United States of America.

Member of the corresponding Honor of the Argentine Association of Hip and Knee (ACARO).

Customer Reviews

What do patients say about Dr. Ribas?

“I think it’s a first class professional, an intelligent competent professional worker and those who do not fit in and keep moving in. Thanks to these professionals, many young people can aspire to a quality of life that we would not have if it did not exist. THANKS!”

Opinion of 22/04/2015

“A charming doctor and the really professional team, thanks to professionals like him, make me still be very young, I can live without pain and without difficulties, thanks doctor for giving me that possibility, I am only 30 years old and lived with many pains”

Opinion of 03/12/2014

“I came to your surgery with a regrettable condition from a previous operation in another center, unable to walk or sit and with a ciantica.” He gave me no guarantees, I operated my hip without a prosthesis, 6 months later, I walk, I jump and I have no pain. It is the best by far, every day I remember the THOUSAND THANKS ”

Opinion of 31/08/2014

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