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He is a specialist in the team led by Dr. Manel Ribas, Head of the Unit and internationally renowned expert. He completed his training as a specialist via MIR in Traumatology and Orthopedic Surgery (Hospital de Mar and Hospital de l’Esperança – Institut Municipal d’Assistència Sanitària de Barcelona) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Enric Cáceres. Accumulate extensive experience in reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee with emphasis on the pathology of the athlete and the young adult

He is an expert in the treatment of fractures with minimally invasive techniques. Member Faculty of AO (Arbeitsgemeinschaft fuer Osteosynthesefragen – International Association based in Switzerland, world leader in implant development and education in the treatment of fractures) has been designated as “Delegate” for the Spain chapter and collaborates regularly in national courses and international as a lecturer and instructor in osteosynthesis techniques.

He has completed training in the treatment of femoroacetabular shock with arthroscopic technique at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) in Vail, Colorado and mini-open techniques and safe dislocation at the Dexeus Institute in Barcelona.

It specializes in femoroacetabular shock pathology, pre-osteoarthritis of the hip, trochanteritis, middle gluteus lesions and other conditions susceptible to treatment with arthroscopic techniques.

Participates as an international instructor in hip arthroscopy courses.

Maintains a constant scientific activity with numerous communications and presentations at conferences. He is a member of:

  • Spanish Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology – SECOT
  • Societat Catalana de Cirurgia Orthopedica y Traumatologia – SCCOT
  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons – AAOS
  • Venezuelan Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology – SVCOT

Dr. Cárdenas is dedicated full time to the treatment of lower limb pathology with special attention to Hip Surgery, the assistance of all types of complex fractures and their sequelae. He works in the development of procedures, surgical techniques and the incorporation of new technologies in the care of the musculoskeletal system. On the other hand it has become in recent years in Spain as a recognized expert in arthroscopic surgery of the hip.

Customer Reviews

What do the patients of Dr. Cardenas say?

“It transmits security and confidence, very close and simple, excellent surgeon”

Opinion of 01/07/2017

“Excellent, doctors like there are very few, professional and human, empathetic, transmit confidence and security, peace, thank you Dr. Cardenas for providing us patients with hard times, getting into the operating room of your hand becomes easy.” Thank you! ”

Opinion of 28/10/2016

“It gave me confidence, then we decided on the type of prosthesis to place on my left hip, I had surgery in October 2014, I walked for 4 weeks with two crutches, two more weeks with a crutch and from there without crutches, quickly recovering mobility. Now I have a normal life, without pain. ”

Opinion of 26/04/2016

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