What is pubic osteotopathy, inguinocruralgias, tendinitis of the abductors?

The tendinitis of the abductors, inguinocruralgias and osteopathies of Pubis are one of the most frequent causes of inguinal pain in the athlete, although they are not the most frequent as previously believed. Its differential diagnosis is the femoroacetabular shock, which is currently recognized as the cause of pain in the hip and inguinal pain more frequent in athletes (Philippon et al., AJSM.2007). Moreover, many cases of femoroacetabular shock occur with retraction-shortening of the abductor tendons.

The abductor muscles and abdominal muscles act like the horns of a mill whose axis will be the pubic symphysis. Any imbalance (muscular imbalance of the aforementioned muscles, repetitive use of wet-heavy soccer balls, abrupt changes in training, incorrect training, …) will cause an alteration of forces, a shearing effect on the pubic symphysis and, consequently, a local pathology that will result in pain and functional disability in the patient.

The tendinitis of abductors will be that inflammation of these that manifests during exercise and improves with rest, while in inguinocruralgia the pain will be located more in the inguinal ring due to weakness of the abdominal wall and will increase with those gestures that increase the pressure in the abdomen, such as coughing, sneezing, …

In Pubis Osteopathy, all pathologies are added, and inflammatory-reparative alterations can be seen at the level of the pubic bone, both in the insertion of the abductor and abdominal muscles and associated with a frequently weak abdominal wall-floor.

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