The hip unit publishes its pubic symphysis reconstruction technique caused by pubic osteitis

14 December, 2021 by micadera

Osteitis pubica is part of one of the different sources that can cause “groin pain”, in English “groin pain”.
This term that a priori could seem very simple arises as an international agreement of specialists in the field in the city of Doha in 2015.

Groin pain encompasses different pathologies or origins: hip and its different pathologies – disruption of the inguinal wall – pubic symphysis.

The pubic ring is like the center of the wheel of a mill subject to different forces that would be its antlers: Abdominal muscles and pyramidalis, lateral muscles of the abdominal wall, the adductors, pectineum. In fact, its terminal fibers intersect, forming the supracapsular plates of the symphysis.

Sports activities that require abrupt changes in speed are those that make people more prone to suffer from pubic osteitis, the closest example we have is soccer.

It is the first technique that exists regarding treatment properly consisting of an autologous arthroplasty of the pubic symphysis that restores the damaged joint.

Although it can be seen as a radiological finding, those cases in which patients present local symptoms, in many cases resistant to conservative treatments, long evolution should be taken into account. they are clinically sometimes radiological is not clinically sufficient to indicate any procedure in this regard.

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