Participation of Dr Manuel Ribas in the Congress of the Italian Society of Hip Surgery 2021 Brescia

29 October, 2021 by micadera

Dr Ribas participates in the first post-pandemic blended congress in Italy, the most important held in that country regarding hip pathology and surgery with two lectures, the periacetabular osteotomy in dysplasic sports patients and the evidence of femoroacetabular impingement after more than fifteen years.

Ribas is a benchmark around the world for both themes. Not only do patients of different nationalities come to him, but also hip specialist doctors interested in learning from him.

In the following photograph Ribas appears with Italian doctors trained in the hip unit of the Dexeus University Hospital, Icatme Foundation.

(photo from left to right: Dr Loris Perticarini, Dr Federico De Meo, Dr Edoardo Guazzoni and Dr Alberto Fioruzzi, all of them already expert hip surgeons in the transalpine country)

The congress had the telematic participation of speakers from the American continent.

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