The most important follow-up work in the world on surface prostheses for young people is published!

20 October, 2020 by micadera

The most important follow-up work in the world on surface prostheses for young people (with special characteristics and not implantable in all patients with a specific protocol) has been published.

This is a 22-year follow-up study of 11,382 surface prostheses in patients under 50 years of age. These prostheses have been implanted by 27 reference teams in the world from up to 13 different top-level countries, from the American, European and Oceanic continents.

In the present study it is shown that with an adequate indication, planning and technical execution, those patients (especially men with hip osteoarthritis) the durability of their implants exceeds 22 years in more than 90% of the cases. Women equal men in durability in prosthetics that can be implanted with the same sizes to most men’s head diameters.

The surface prosthesis is not implantable in all patients, this will depend on their intrinsic bone characteristics, their bone mineral density, their body mass index and the follow-up that the patient will perform. The vast majority of these are young patients involved both in high-demand physical-sports activities and in those professions that require physical effort.

The Icatme Hip Unit, Dexeus Grupo Quirón Salud University Hospital in Barcelona, ​​is an accredited world reference center, both for surface prostheses as well as for minimally invasive surgery, whether for hip replacement or hip joint preservation surgery or either hip arthroscopy such as periacetabular, femoral, combined osteotomy and AAMOT.

You can consult the entire study by clicking here.

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